CHEMR aircraft deicing and anti-icing fluids conform to all technical requirements of the Society of Automotive Engineers Aerospace Material (SAE) specifications. CHEMR EG I and EG IV are also approved by TRANSPORT CANADA for use in all Canadian airports.

CHEMR DEICING PRODUCTS currently produces two types of ethylene glycol based deicing fluids:

Aircraft deicing Technical sheet MSDS
ChemR EG I : Type I Ethylene glycol based fluid (AMS 1424) pdf pdf
Aircraft anti-icing Technical sheet MSDS
ChemR EG IV : Type IV Ethylene glycol based fluid (AMS 1428) pdf pdf

Both products are available in the following formats :

  • Drums (205 L)
  • Totes containers/cubitainers (1000 L)
  • Bulk (tanker trucks and tank wagons)